hi, everyone. i'm new. :)

1. www.galadarling.com - really inspirational + generally fun to browse through.
2. www.thecherryblossomgirl.com - great fashion and french life.
3. www.lookbook.nu - okay, so i really wanted to join, but you have to be a model. no wonder everyone's so pretty.
4. www.shelfari.com - i'd like to say something smart and literary here, but i just like the cool virtual books. x)
5. www.corkboard.it - so useful for a forgetful organization nut like me.
6. www.nowsmellthis.com - i like perfume. a lot. 'nuff said.
7. www.bellasugar.com - and i like beauty and all the tips that come with it. this site has a lot of good partners too.
8. www.etsy.com - a really really great site full of fabulous unique things, from vintage jewelry to handmade soap.
9. pupe.ameba.jp - everything is so adorable that i can just spend hours on here.

well, that's it! enjoy. ♥
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favorite websites

no particular order :)
1. ted.com - full of ridiculously interesting speeches. one of my favorites is elizabeth gilbert's speech on creative genius.
2. a beautiful mess - elsie flannigan's blog, full of cute inspiring things.
3. this american life - i go here weekly to catch the show. it is almost always great.
4. tastespotting - i could browse this site forever, full of yummy looking foods!
5. the book cover archive - where i judge books by their covers, and add billions of them to my amazon wishlist.
6. shelfari - i love browsing the shelves of other people to get ideas of what to read.
7. life is beautiful as is - a flickr group dedicated to un photoshopped pictures of your every day life.
l. parker; let's go steal a sweetheart

my favourite websites

+ a cup of jo (joanna goddard is a goddess!)
+ aloof (this girl is amazing.)
+ i wrote this for you (inspiring. inspiring. inspiring.)
+ my first dictionary (the funniest thing you'll read all day. if you have my sense of humour.)
+ oh joy! (you'll find some gorgeous stuff here.)
+ the morale agency (love this!)
+ you are my fave (is my fave)
+ design is mine (lovely, and inspiring.)
+ my flist (seriously, the love.)
c. sarah; i'm in love with your honour

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Your Favourite Websites

What are your favourite websites? be as descriptive or non-descriptive as you want, seriously. We like that here.
REMEMBER: Post as often as you like, the more the merrier!

(And remember to tag it with 16. websites
And if anyone has any ideas/questions/queries, don't hesitate to comment here or PM me!)

Have a lovely week, lovely listers!
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Twenty Tattoo Ideas

1. Eye of Horus
2. My own personal design: a heart with an arrowhead bottom
3. A pin-up girl? (as a later one, if I'm brave enough)
4. "Keep Calm & Have A Cupcake"
5. Whatever this is
6. "I'm going to be a fireman when the floods roll back."
7. Tragedy/Comedy Masks
8. If I can deal with the pain, something like the left one
9. "And the smile is never sincere"
10. Rose & ring, like in Phantom
11. "it's delovely"
12. "black dog"
13. double hearts, connected (triple?)
14. two interlocking stars
15. Libra scales
16. panther head/paw print?
17. a heart with an eye on each side
18. something in French or Latin
19. any Oscar Wilde and/or Shakespeare quote
20. the Ankh and/or any other Egyptian symbol

Feel free to add ideas or pop in with your favourite tattoo designs.

K ♀ Doe-Eyed

Ten Things

+ Throwing a rejection letter in the bin and ...
+ ... starting again.
+ Spriiinnggg (warm sunshine, fresh air, cherry blossoms and birdsong)
+ It being quiet enough to hear the church bells.
+ Frankie magazine.
+ Walking out of work twenty-minutes early (and laughing at my manager who was shouting at me helplessly)
+ My cousin having another baby!
+ The kindness of strangers.
+ Farley's Rusks.
+ Planning to escape this Summer.